We charge for delivery not based on your zip code as other businesses do but to your exact location. This way the customer is not lumped into a giant area and paying an unnecessary amount for the location they are at. Call or email us for a delivery quote today: (619) 442-0574 | info@bedrockboulders.com

About Bedrock Boulders' Delivery

  • On Time We have a phenomenal success rate with our delivery schedule accuracy. We usually try to schedule deliveries one day in advance. We schedule the delivery with a two hour window unless special circumstances require different. Due to many conditions beyond our control, (traffic, Special loads, the previous delivery and mechanical conditions), we cannot guarantee a delivery time. But we always do our best.
  • Safety We will make every attempt to put your delivery where you request as long as the truck can safely execute the load and unloading of material. It is at the driver's discretion what is safe. If you have special conditions please inform us prior to your delivery so that we may do our best to accomplish the delivery. A Delivery Release Form must be signed prior to your delivery no exceptions.
  • Be Prepared Have your area ready for our driver. Be on site and accessible for the driver to locate you when he arrives so that we may remain on schedule for the next delivery.
  • Rain Unless you call in advance to reschedule your delivery we will deliver when rain is falling.
  • All Sales Are Final Inspect the load material before it is off loaded. Be sure your measurements are correct and the proper amount has been ordered.
  • Download the Delivery Release Form