Water Conservation in San Diego County

Water Agencies and local communities are turning to water rationing. State officials tracking California's drought say that it threatens to be the worst in three decades, with fears that it may deepen into the most widespread in the last 150 years.  CLCA Cutting Edge

Mandatory cutbacks and possible fines are probably in our very near future. We have links on our Resources page that help you better prepare for cutbacks and what to expect. Be Water Wise highly recommends the use of Bark or Mulch in any planted areas. This will help retain moisture in the ground and slow evaporation. Changing your lawn to Decorative Rocks, Dry Stream Beds or Decomposed Granite could be a significant savings as well.

Many Landscapers, Designers and Landscape Architects recently have acquired special training in education and or received certificates in water conservation.  Advice from a certified professional could save you time and money before it's to late.

This yard was converted to a water conserving yard in less than 4 days. We can show you how cutting back on water does not mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful green landscaped yard or commercial space.

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Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Resources

San Diego County has several demonstration gardens, we recommend visiting them for education and relaxation. Below are just a few:


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